Snap Pic iPad App From Photo Booth Expo 2017 | Disc Jockey News

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Snap Pic iPad App From Photo Booth Expo 2017 | Disc Jockey News
Cloud Based
Run numerous events simultaneously or edit your event without having to even be on site. The cloud based software allows you to remotely create or edit your events, making scaling your business easy and efficient.
Advanced Customization
From branded emails to custom Micro Sites, Snappic offers you the ability to fully customize every aspect of your event.
Analytics & Data Capture
Track how many people have taken photos and use the data to run competitions. Emails, phone numbers and twitter handles can be downloaded in a convenient Excel spreadsheet and we provide the functionality to send your clients a secure link with full access to all the event analytics.
Offline Queue Management
No need to worry about internet, if you are offline or have a spotty internet connection our system will safely store and queue the images (and any other info) and send it up to the server once you have Internet. There is an advanced queue manager where you can see which photos have uploaded and you have the ability to re-queue the photos and manage your storage.
Snappic offers powerful branding options from image emails, micro sites, text messages and twitter messages so your guests have a memorable brand experience.
Advanced Social Sharing
Snappic supports the ability to post your photos to a Facebook album or Facebook page of your choice. We also support offline Twitter sharing, simply log into a Twitter account on the web portal and guests only need to provide their twitter handle and they will receive a twitter message with their photo.
Live Stream Microsite
All our Micro Sites support a live stream so you can watch your photos appear live on your branded page as they are uploaded. This is great for events where a big screen is available and guests can view their photos once they have shared them.
Real-time Monitoring
The great thing about cloud software is you can monitor it from anywhere in the world in real time. Check how many photos are being taken, view their shares and keep track of multiple events from one easy to use dashboard.
Super Easy Setup
With our intuitive Event Setup Wizard you can setup and configure an event in minutes.

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